Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Just me

Hi, it's just me.  I have another blog (Craftily Sugar Brown), but I don't post there often and my crafting has really moved on.

This blog is my diary in a way.  I'm going to worry less about what other people think of it and try to be honest, in good times and bad.

Bad stuff first.  I suffer from depression, upside of that is I have some great friends who support me.

Good stuff. I recently started my own business teaching paper crafting.  I love to craft, whether the project works or not.  It takes me out of myself and gives me something to focus on.  Nothing better than fingers covered in ink and seeing that I made something that no one else can replicate.

The business is hard work as I am learning as I go along and have already made mistakes.  I need to learn more about marketing.

Any way.

On wards and upwards x


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