Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hazy crazy world

Things have been very up and down over the last few months. I teach crafting classes, but they are not as well attended as I would like as I haven't gotten my advertising right.  I love the classes and I am looking forward to the one this Thursday.

My depression is up and down, but I am feeling really motivated today.  Lots to get through on my to do list, but it isn't stressing me out.

I have nearly finished the pages for mums mini album.  No embellishments yet, but 8 of the pages are finished and I am working on number 9.  Then I will have to start thinking about the cover and what embellishments I will use as mum likes things simple and a bit plain.

Job search still isn't going well and I have now admitted to myself that I can't get a job the works round my eldest because his shift times are impossible to predict.  I will find something part time.  I just need to convince the bosses out there to give me a chance.

I'll post pics or a video of mums mini album as soon as.  I'm really proud of what I have made.  It's my most ambitious mini to date.

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